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The Rogue Order

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Master the Combat Saber

About the Rogue Order of Knights

Certificate of Rank

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What is the Rogue Order?

picture of a man standing casually
picture of a man standing casually

Brief Summary

The Rogue Order is an international community of combat saber sport enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to follow a strict code of personal honor in order to connect with the noble swordsmen of the past, better themselves, improve their communities and make the world a better place. Members are assigned “Quests” or community service initiatives by the order to help fulfill these goals. With the fulfillment of quests and other tasks, members are awarded with ranks within the order, including Modern Knighthood.


The order was founded on April 4th, 2017 at Washington State University by the Governing Council of the Rogue Saber Academy, who continue to comprise its leadership today.

Join the Rogue Order Today!

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Approximate Current
Number of Members: 1397

New Members of the Rogue Order must be 16 years old or older. Combat saber sport enthusiasts belonging to any school, social group, company or organization are welcome to join! Currently, the primary method of joining the order is through creating an account with the Rogue Saber Academy. The majority of the Rogue Order’s members are therefore alumni of the RSA or are among its current students. However, once students have mastered the three main dueling forms of the RSA, they are encouraged to learn from other academies, dojos and schools to continually sharpen their skills while still maintaining membership within the order.

Membership Fees

Students of the RSA are permitted free membership into the order while others must first join one of the order’s three dueling clans: The Guardians, The Warriors, or The Keepers of Balance. (Each clan has its own membership fee.)

Current Member Quests and Activities

Nonprofit Charitable Community Work

Members of the Rogue Order want to improve the world, so they seek to improve themselves. Likewise they find self-improvement through service in the community. Learn more about our charitable community initiatives by using the arrows to see each one below...

arrow to the left
Operation Rogue Storm
Click on the image above to learn more.

Members who have Completed this Quest:
Kadtie-ADMIN, Shade, milesonator, DrakanSyn, Eshara, Ronin-Fellhand, jswrtbs, OperatorPaddy, DannyBoi, Dakel, jamijoco, Darth_Vengar, stickvstick, DarthRaven, Rayblue, SunShadow, Jakin-Starfire, CountryChaos, Groundshaker, Endymion, Sonick2win, montsamu, SpaceSpyder, Reaper13, DARTHARACKNIA, Miss-Appear, Lokeba, skort94, Ilshai, Vanguard, bludo, Malvis-Nighteshade, Axel82, LyraSparks, IndigoGurl, IG-77-Lancer, JevLekar, circuitryninja-A003, Elk’ma-Durr, ForceHunter, TheDoctor, Ratnip, ShadowKnight, Bolo1066, SunnyMeadow, Wolfspirit, Dragonlord, Rex83, Noobboy, DiamondHarry, AuvalPhen, AkiKnight, FistOfFate07, ADMIN
STATUS: Active / Ongoing!

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Completed Quest Form

Did you happen to take one or more pictures during the quest? Share them with the order by including the URL address below to the image or to a page with your pictures!

I have filled out this form honestly and accurately.

What can members do?

The order needs you! If you have already joined the order as an Initiate, there are a number of missions and tasks awaiting you. In this section you will find the most up-to-date charitable community initiatives of the order, labeled as “Quests.” Once you have completed a “Quest,” send the RSA’s governing council a message using the form to the side to let them know! This will help us track our positive impact on our communities, and aid you in your path to knighthood. Click on the images above to learn about your next quest. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Personal Reward

Although each quest has been designed to be altruistic in nature, there are also some automatic rewards you can expect! Completing a quest will help you get closer to earning a Challenge Badge, and since Challenge Badges are required to move up in rank, they will help you progress in your path to knighthood. You will also earn 20 Clan War Points for your dueling clan! This will help to bolster your clan toward victory in the year-long Clan War competition! (Note: These rewards will only be granted on the first time you complete each quest.)

Check Certificate Authenticity

If you are shown a Certificate of Rank from the Rogue Order, how can you check that it is authentic, and that the person named within it is indeed a Novice, Apprentice, Knight or Master within our order? Simply enter the certificate’s record number below (as found in the image above). If the search results match the information on the certificate, it is authentic!

Certificate Validation Form:

A Balanced Philosophy

What is Honor?

Honor is the principal virtue of the Samurai, the gentleman, and the knight. It is the lifestyle of the self-disciplined. An honorable person lives according to a code of ideals and virtues that they consider higher than themselves. They will follow this code even when it may be hard for them or may not serve their self-interests. (For example, they will go out of their way to apologize and make up for their shortcomings to make things right with another person.) They live virtuously, and follow this code so closely that others around them come to expect it. They are consistent in their noble behavior. An honorable person cares about their personal reputation, and does not seek to damage the reputation of another. They are clear an honest about their intentions and keep their promises. They do what they say they are going to do, and don’t do what they say they are not going to do. Thus, a person with honor is deserving of the trust and confidence of others.

A Tradition Among Masters

The historic masters of medieval arms schools, private salles, and the arts of the samurai often taught valuable life philosophies alongside the standard fencing instruction. Out of these teachings grew the cultural conventions of “chivalry,” the duelist’s “code of honor,” and even “bushido.” But why was this so common?

A skilled swordsman was seen in many cultures as one with not only the means to defeat a foe, but also the wisdom to know when such action was necessary. As skill with the sword could mean the difference between life and death, masters taught the importance of living a good life, thus preparing oneself for the outcome of any battle. Fencing students were encouraged to look deep into their own hearts, refining themselves with a similar discipline to that of the smiths, forging swords from steel. Today, the Rogue Order continues this tradition.

Image of a queen knighting a loyal subject

inked style Image of a Samurai

Harmony and Openness

Honorable people can be found all around the world. Therefore, even as a honorable person strictly follows their own code, they are humble, and are open to learn from those around them. It is only then that harmony can flourish. The name “Rogue Order” is an intentional contradiction, much like the philosophical symbol of the yin-yang. It represents a cohesive group of self-guided individuals. In everyday language, either term can mean one thing, yet in some modern morality tales such as those from “a galaxy far, far away,” they have near opposite connotations. Likewise, the three clans of the Rogue Order prioritize near-conflicting values. However, members of the order are encouraged to find the harmony and balance between seemingly incompatible viewpoints or polarizing opinions. Rather than dogmatically align oneself to a ridged and one-sided stance on all subjects, members try to grow from a diversity of ideas, learn from many sources, respect both sides of an issue, and nurture tolerance for all peaceful concepts. Whether in sport, a dueling match, debate or in other avenues of life, it is not the sole intent of a member of the order to “win” at the expense of another. Rather, it is understood that the richest of experience comes when one seeks what is best for the self while also seeking what is best for others. It is only then that a unique and unforeseen balance is achieved within a group, and refined honor is maintained within the roguish self. This is what is meant by the term “Rogue Order.”

Creating the Code

Our philosophy is poetically summarized in the RSA’s school motto, “The Rogue Way.” Implementation of it is described within “Duelist’s Code of Honor.” Both “The Rogue Way” and the “Duelist’s Code of Honor” present amalgamations of many positive overlapping concepts found in many honor codes, including those of modern Olympic fencing teams, medieval codes of chivalry, and traditional Bushido.

The Rogue Way


The “Rogue Way” summarizes some core philosophies of the Rogue Order, and is the school motto of the Rogue Saber Academy . It is read aloud at the commencement every Advancement Ceremony, City Tournament, and at other official events. All members of the order are encouraged to commit it to memory. It represents a mindset to be understood before any member can reach their full potential as a student of swordsmanship.

The RSA's School Motto


We are swordsmen of the Rogue Order.
Through Wisdom, we are tested,
Through Power, we are tempered,
And through Strength we are made true.

We seek harmony and growth.
We are guided by the code.
As masters of the saber,
We wander,
We duel,
We improve.

This is the Rogue Way.

What does it mean?

There are many interpretations of this, the academy’s official apothegm. (In fact, you may be asked at one point or another during your training to share what it means to you.) Hover your mouse over each part of the poem in order to unlock one interpretation of the Rogue Way!

A Letter from the Grandmaster

The Power of Such a Code

By N. Burk
Grandmaster of the Rogue Order
April 4, 2017

       To all swordsmen of the Rogue Order, new students of the RSA and anyone curious enough to come across our proud organization, greetings. This is an open letter to serve as an introduction to the newest version of our order’s official Code of Honor, agreed upon by the governing council. Before presenting the code I’d like you to reflect upon a few things.

       Ask yourself, what does your name mean? When others hear your name, what feelings arise in their hearts? What kind of person are you in the eyes of the world? What stories will be told of you in generations to come? If the answers to these questions matter to you, then you have a sense of what “honor” means. When we are young, we learn proper etiquette and manners. We are told how to be polite or “good.” We follow these rules and say the right words. Doing so allows us to show respect for others and aid in the smooth running of our society. Too commonly, as we grow older, these manners tend to fade. As we are faced with the responsibilities of adulthood and the unyielding competitiveness of the world, we may abandon these simple virtues.

       A mature and responsible mind does not so easily disregard these ideals. Rather, the manners of childhood grow and develop into a man’s (or woman’s) personal code of honor. Honor is much more than rules to follow or words to say. Honor is more even than mere reputation or dignity. It is the highest of virtues, and the mark of a wise, orderly, and principled person. You cannot be forced to be honorable. It is not something done to impress others. True honor is pursued and achieved by those with a personal zeal, proactive in their self-mastery and desire to be noble of heart.

       A Code of Honor is a powerful thing. Such codes lead soldiers to charge into certain death without regrets. The adherence to such codes in the hearts of rulers lead them to prevent wars and the abuse of power. They dictate the actions of kings and free men alike. They are the mark of a gentleman or dignified lady. They were the lifestyle of the samurai. Throughout history, many brave men and women have revolted against rulers, destroyed empires, protested against their religion, forever left their home countries… But they would never go against their codes of honor. To many of our predecessors, one’s honor was more important than life itself.

       Much for the better, our modern society has evolved past an “honor culture,” where one must defend one’s reputation through violence. Ours has become a culture of dignity, where everyone is entitled to carry on with their own opinion, even if it is obviously a false one. Yet the golden embers of the principals held by those honorable warriors of the past aught not be neglected. True, society no longer expects you to care about your own personal honor, but that just makes such a concern all the more important today. You can carry on the tradition of living to a higher code and living virtuously, not from societal pressure, but from something more powerful: Personal Choice.

       Today we see many examples of people who comfortably parade the fact that they have no honor. They break laws out of personal satisfaction. They obviously and unabashedly lie to gain power and favor. They accuse everyone around them of evils yet remain blind to the hypocrisies within. They grow rich off of taking advantage of others. They brag about their filthy habits. Many of these things can be found in even our most famous and most revered celebrities.

       The following Code of Honor, adhered to by all students of the RSA and members of the Rogue Order, is not something to read once and dismiss. Of all the lessons in this academy, this is perhaps the most important. No other subject treated here has come from more research or experimentation. Not only does it cover important safety measures and moral concepts, but it also presents you with your greatest challenge. After all, most students will improve their technical skills and win duels. But only a special few will win the battles raging within themselves.

       In times of confusion or idleness, take a moment to study this code. Ask yourself if you are following each part. If you are not, ask yourself why. Picture how different your life could be under the full implementation of these principles. Like the philosophies, sword fighting techniques and all aspects taught by the Rogue Saber Academy, the code of honor was heavily inspired by the great masters of the past. With close inspection you will find the pure veins of medieval chivalry and the way of the Samurai running underneath. The Olympic code of ethics and the codes of honor from several military academies also share in the parentage of this particular code. Look closer still and you will detect ideas from great scientists, peaceful reformers, peace-loving writers and prominent philosophers. You’d be surprised at how many ideas the great thinkers of history had in common. Finally, there is hopefully one last thing you will find in your close study over time… Yourself.

       It is important to note that the following code of honor is a standard of personal ethics and direction, a challenge that one may undertake in order to better themselves. It is a way to connect with the heroes of the past, and an optimistic blueprint for how we can behave in the future. What is most important is the individual’s interpretation and implementation of this code, as a matter of personal choice. This choice is what we as members of the Rogue Order have most in common.

The Duelist's Code of Honor

the coat of arms of the Rogue Order of Knights

Your Personal Oath

Above is a link to a copy of the Rogue Order’s Code of Honor. Print it off so that you have a physical copy in your hands. This will allow you to complete one of the most essential parts of your training. On the paper, you will have a chance to sign your name, formally agreeing to live by these principals, at least for the time that you are a member of the order. Do this in a quiet place, a place special to you where you can be alone. Sign it only after reading the code of honor several times and only after you feel you understand it. Thus, you will make a solemn vow, not to a ruler or teacher, but to yourself. Such an oath makes the difference between a commoner and a priest, a soldier and a knight, or a citizen and a civil leader.

The Path to Knighthood

image of a knight on horseback in a joust
image of a knight on horseback in a joust
image of a fencing match
image of a samurai in armor

To earn the rank of Initiate in the Rogue Order, one only needs to create an account with the Rogue Order through the Rogue Saber Academy.


A member of the Rogue Order becomes a Novice after challenging another member to a spar or duel, and by completing a follow-up form for it. They must also earn their first Challenge Badge, complete their first dueling training lesson, memorize “The Rogue Way,” and reach Level: 10 within the RSA. A Novice may also go by the titles: “Neophyte,” “Padawan” or “Acolyte”


A Novice reaches Level: 17 and the rank of Apprentice after earning at least two Challenge Badges (total) and after having participated in at least three spars or duels. They must register their main saber (completing a Saber-smith Review), and be credited with the recruitment of at least one other member to the order. Finally they must complete all “Basic” lessons for one of the main dueling forms.


To become a Knight, (at Level: 25) an Apprentice must recruit a second member to the order, participate in a total of five spars or duels, earn a third Challenge Badge, complete all “Intermediate” lessons for one of the three main dueling forms, and also pass the Three Apprentice Trials:

    •     The Trial of Generosity
    •     the Trial of Courage
    •     Trial of Integrity.

(Click on the links above to begin each trial!) Members of this rank may be addressed with the prefixes of “Sir.” or “Dame” and have unlocked the title of “Knight” or “Dark Assassin.”


A Knight can only become a Master (at Level: 32) through the recruitment of a third member into the order, by earning a fourth and fifth Challenge Badge, after having participated in at least 13 spars or duels, by completing all “Advanced” lessons for one of the three forms, and only after taking the “Master’s Pledge.” Reach this rank to earn the title of “Master” or “Lord.”

Grandmaster of the Rogue Order

To become the Grandmaster of the Rogue Order, you must have first achieved the rank of “Master.” Only after you complete all available lessons for all three forms, become an active member of the governing council, become a monthly supporter of the rogue order and pass the Nine Master Trials can you then challenge the current Grandmaster to a duel. The winner of that duel then claims the title of Grandmaster of the Rogue Order of Knights and Head Administrator of the Rogue Saber Academy!

Advancement Ceremonies

Celebrate Your Progress!

       Step into the footprints of the great swordsmen of the past by taking upon yourself the titles of Novice, Apprentice, Knight, or Master in an official Advancement Ceremony! Such a ceremony (with friends or done on your own) is an important moment in your training. It celebrates your achievements and hard work, and allows you a moment to consider how far you have come and the road ahead.

       After you reach a new rank, all you need to host your own ceremony is a copy of the Advancement Ceremony Procedures packet and an official Certificate of Rank from our online store!
Link to Buy cool saber training supplies
Complete a Quest for the Rogue Order

Declare Your New Rank!

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The Apprentice Trials

The Trial of Generosity

A Knight is Generous. To become one you must prove your personal dedication to generosity, kindness and selflessness. Take your combat saber (if you have more than one), or purchase another, and give it to someone special to you. Do not sell it or lend it with conditions. Simply give it to someone who may not have even started their own collection. Think of a friend or family member. Sabers make amazing gifts! Be sure to let the recipient know why you thought of them.

The Trial of Generosity

The Trial of Courage

A Knight is Courageous. To become one you must prove your personal dedication to courage, bravery and confidence. Take upon yourself a student. He or she is most likely a younger family member or close friend. Encourage them to learn a few saber dueling techniques and offer to be their teacher. Do this until someone accepts you as their teacher, and formally instruct them in at least three of the saber dueling techniques you have learned.

The Trial of Courage

The Trial of Integrity

A Knight has Integrity. To become one you must prove your personal dedication to integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Use the button below to send an interview request to a member of the academy’s governing council. You will later be sent an email (to the address you use to sign-in) containing ten questions on who you are and what you have learned. Don't reply to that email. Instead, send a new email or message with your truthful answers back to the council through the email address on our contact page. If the council deems your answers worthy, they will advance you to Level 24!

NOTE: If you do not hear back from a council member after a week or two, don't give up hope! If we haven't responded, please send us a few more emails until you are met with a full reply. Thank you!

The Trial of Integrity

Becoming a Master

Who may take this pledge?

Before anyone may become a Master of the Rogue Order, they must take the “Master’s Pledge.” One may only do so if they have reached Level 30 in the Rogue Saber Academy.

What is the pledge?

The Master’s Pledge

       I, a Knight of the Rogue Order, present myself as a worthy candidate of the rank of Master. To demonstrate my merit and sincerity, I solemnly pledge to abide by the following:

       The Oath of Wisdom: I vow to continually grow in my intellect and in my mastery of the blade. After having mastered in excellence all lessons of one academy, I will wander to the next, and to the next, seeking out new teachers, techniques and skill. The sport will grow with my aid, and I will pass on what I have learned.

       The Oath of Power: I vow to use my skills, abilities and resources to help build the Rogue Order. I will be a friend and guide to those with less experience. I will lead the Initiate, Novice, Apprentice and Knight to higher achievement.

       The Oath of Strength: I vow to maintain my physical health to the best of my ability. My mettle will continue to be tested in spars and duels. I will answer the invitation, and heed the challenge. I will use my blade to humble the pompous and pretentious. I will build up the honorable and the meek.

       The Oath of Honor: I vow to live as an upright and noble ambassador of the Rogue Order. My actions will show of my commitment to harmony, justice, and truth. Others will find in me generosity, courage and integrity. I will continue to live by the Order’s Code.

       In full clarity of thought, through pure intention and with fidelity to my order, I hereby vow to live by these oaths, and thus take the Master’s Pledge!

Clan War Update

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