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About Group Listings:

Have you created your own local lightsaber club, academy, dojo, performance group, or Sabersmith Company? Create a listing for it here! An icon for it will immediately be created on the Duel Finder Map so that combat saber collectors, duelists, and community members will more easily find your business or organization.

The Rogue Saber Academy is dedicated to connecting members of the lightsaber community. We will simply display this listing on our Duel Finder Map, even if your group has no connection whatsoever with this school or site. Group listings do not imply any affiliation with the RSA, and you are free to edit your listing at any time.

How can we Support Your Group?

Our Head Administrator met with Sin City Sabers to discuss how to best start a new group. Click here to access that YouTube video! Our book, Master the Combat Saber is also filled with advice and tools you are welcome to use as you create or run your own club or academy! Feel free to contact us if you would like to bulk order discounted books for your students. Also, let us know if you would like to promote your organization on our podcast, RSA Radio.

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This is the full official name of your organization with spaces.

Important: Only use letters and numbers with no special characters or spaces. Enter in the short “code-name” for your organization above that is only one-word-long. This is the first name that will appear on the map, and your full name will be found when students click on your listing to learn more. Do your best to make it match your organization’s official full name while keeping it as unique as possible.

Please upload a distinctive image that represents your organization well, such as an official logo or group photo.

If you are unsure which category to select above, here is a brief summary of each:

Saber-smith Store
A manufacturer, distributor, vendor, or reseller of new or used combat sabers, their parts, or their accessories.
Local Dojo or Academy
A formal training school dedicated mostly to teaching its students martial dueling and sparring techniques for sport.
Performance Group
A troupe of costumed fighters dedicated mostly to performing and rehearsing choreographed routines for an audience, often for charitable purposes.
Community Club (other)
A non-profit school club or community group that meets in person to train, spar, hold tournaments, perform community service, etc. This category is also used for a number of different organizations that are not saber-smiths, academies, or performance groups.

Those who click on your icon and bring up your information will see a link to your organization’s official main website. (Please enter in a full URL address starting with http:// …etc. and ending with .com or .html …etc.)

Duelists using this site will have the option to select this listing as their "Home Group." Is there a current person using the Duel Finder System (code-names listed above) who you would like to authorize as an official group representative or leader, with the ability to edit this listing and access other group management tools? Your selection may be changed later. (You may select your own Student Account if you like.)

Your name will not be made public, but will be kept on RSA records.

I am an authorized representative of this company or organization, and have permission from this company or organization to create this public listing as of today’s date.

This is the official email address you (or other leaders you authorize) will use to log-in to edit this listing. It is kept confidential, and cannot match any email address used on a student account or any other listing.

You (and other authorized leaders) will use a password to preview and/or edit this listing. Please use only letters and numbers (no special characters). Enter your new password in twice.

Zoom in on the map and click on the exact location where you would like your icon to appear. This can be where your organization meets in person most often, where you film videos, your showroom location, your shipping address, or some other valid location. This will help local students find you faster. (Only the location of the LAST icon you place will be saved.)

Use the zoom buttons below or scrolling wheel to find the exact location.

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