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Welcome to the Saber Dueling Community!

Find Sparring Partners

Now that you have your own combat LED lightsaber, (or handcrafted custom light saber) it is time to find saber sparring partners and duels near you! With our Duel Finder system, you can locate nearby saber enthusiasts just like you through the Duel Finder Map or City Network Search. Locate dueling saber fans in your area, invite them to spar, challenge them to a Clan War Duel, or even create a city wide lightsaber tournament for fencing and star wars fans alike in an entire geographic region! Create an account with the Rogue Saber Academy to access a map of all registered duelists, track your wins, write reviews for your sparring partners, earn points, and more!

Refine Your Skills

As a student of the Rogue Saber Academy, you'll have access to training videos on how to fight, spar and duel with the lightsaber. Learn the 'three forms' based upon the Japanese martial arts of Kendo, Kenjutsu, Iaido, the Olympic Fencing Forms of Sabre, Epee and Foil, HEMA sword-fighting techniques and more! As your progress is tracked, you'll also be able to advance in Rank toward Knighthood within the Rogue Order!

Collect, Train and Duel!

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Authenticate Duel Credit Cash

Have you received a paper note representing Digital Duel Credits? You may test its authenticity and/or proceed to deposit it into an RSA Student Account by entering the note's outside code below.

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