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Welcome Community Members!

To all of our guests from outside the RSA, welcome! If you would like to learn about our Community Patches, and how you can connect your business, academy, group or site to us, please check out the section on Community Patches below!

Awesome People

Take a break from sparring and make a few friends! Combat saber collecting, training and dueling has brought together some awesome people. If you would like to connect with our school, be sure to register as a student of the RSA! Once you’ve joined the school, you have several options. First – don’t miss the new student introduction pages found in our Message Boards. Next, learn how to best increase your saber collection by reading our community’s Sabersmith reviews! Have you joined a clan yet? If so, be sure to get in touch with your clan through their exclusive portal. Visit the Duel Credit Store to spiff up your Duel Finder profile. If you would rather meet with community members in person, why not host a tournament or complete a quest for the Rogue Order? We’re sure you’ll find what you need and make friends along the way. Welcome to our tremendous group!

Community Resources

Image of friends at a campfire
Image of Rival Clan Members
Image of a knight on a quest
Link to the Duel Credit Store
saber smiths reviews
Link to an exclusive clan portal
image of a saber day celebration
image of a tournament near a large city

Saber Community Patches

Show your pride in our community by earning Community Patches! While Students of the RSA earn Challenge Badges for their good work within our school, every user of this site can also earn patches displayed on their public profiles (Duelist Cards) by participating in other saber enthusiast sites belonging to other academies, sabersmiths, forums and more! If you would like to show your connection to the greater community, earn a patch by entering the Community Code from outside of the RSA into the form below. If you would like to create a unique Community Patch for your site, business or organization, please let us know!

Available Community Patches:

Student of the RSA
Earn this patch by creating an account with the RSA to use our Duel Finder System, study our Training Videos or Pursue the Path to Modern Knighthood!
Holocron Hunter
Earn this patch by locating all of the 33 hidden “holocrons” in an epic scavenger hunt throughout various pages and sites!
Elite Guard
As noble watchmen, the Elite Guard take it upon themselves to protect the future of the Duel Finder System. This patch is earned by making a Monthly Pledge of support.
Duel Credit Kilo-Club
Earn this Patch and join the club by earning over 1,000 Duel Credits and by purchasing the patch from the RSA’s Duel Credit Store!
Saber-Day 2018 Participant
Did you celebrate Saber-Day in some way in 2018? Pick up this commemorative patch to mark the occasion! Watch the 4/4/2018 RSA Radio video to find the code to unlock your prize.
Add your Patch!
If you would like us to create a patch for your business, academy, group or site, (or if you would like to send us your own square png design) please let us know in an email or message!

Community Code Form:

Please Log-in or Create a New Account in order to earn your Community Patch!

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