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What is a Clan?

Find your allies! While training and dueling around the world, your clan is like your family. It is comparable to your “house,” “fraternity” or “home team.” You'll be able to see which clan is in the lead every day and the year's winner is announced and awarded each and every Saber-Day (April 4th)! Who will win this year?

How to Win!

Lead your Clan to Victory against rival Clans by:

      •   Becoming a Knight
      •   Sparring More with Clan Members
      •   Winning More Duels with Rivals
      •   Recruiting More Members
      •   Earning Challenge Badges
      •   Hosting Tournaments

Choose a side!

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Joining a clan is a great way to add an extra level of competition and excitement to your duels. You will also gain access to an Exclusive Clan Portal where you can discuss strategy, exchange training advice and enjoy the community!

The Right Clan

The Three Clans of the Rogue Saber Academy are:

      •   The Guardians
      •   The Warriors
      •   The Keepers of Balance

Which clan fits you the most? Will you be joining the same clan as your friends? Please click on the clan names below to unlock a brief description of each one...

The Guardians

The Warriors

The Keepers of Balance

Clan Membership

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Please log in or create a new student account before joining a clan...

Each clan has it’s own membership fee which can be taken care of in a one time payment of $4.99. This fee helps to sustain your clan, the Rogue Order, and the Academy itself. Thank you for your support!

Note: You may switch to a different clan in the future if you change your mind. However, students may only change their clan up to three times.

Clan Membership

$25.00     $4.99 USD
Dueling Clan Choices
    Access an EXCLUSIVE Clan Portal and Forum!
    Become an Official Club Member and take a stand!
    Connect with Allies and Community
    Participate in the Yearly CLAN WAR!
    Let others see your Clan on the Duel Finder world map
    Add excitement, competition and teamwork to your path to knighthood!

Clan Choice:

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making this purchase.

Your account should update automatically after your purchase. If that isn't the case, please send us an email through our Contact Page with your user-name and the date and time of your purchase and we will be happy to update your Clan Membership manually.

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