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Create a New Student Account

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These are your first steps! Please answer all of the following questions to create your account and appear on the Duel Finder Map. Thank you for being accurate and honest with your answers. (Only those 16 years old or older may register at this time.)

Your real name will be printed on certificates and awards, but will be kept confidential.

You will log-in to your account using your (all lower-case) email address and will receive email notifications when someone has invited you to a spar or a duel. (These settings can be changed later, if you prefer.)

Please use only letters and numbers (no special characters). Enter your new password in twice.

Although you'll log-in with your email, this will be the username seen by all other students. Your code name should not include any reference to your real name or email address.

Note: It is important that you use ONLY letters, numbers, or - in your codename (special characters will not work on the map).

We encourage all students to think of a completely unique name, one that in some way reflects your personality, philosophy or favorite things. It must be suitable for all ages and should refrain from highly controversial or provocative issues. Use your creativity! Strive for a name that sounds fierce, galactic, ancient or mysterious. You can look to characters from a galaxy far far away for inspiration. Some random examples include: "JadeNebulon," "Chancellor-Ocritus37," and "101-Pulsar-Marrak."

Upload an appropriate picture of yourself that will help future sparring partners meet and recognize you in public places. (You'll be able to change this picture later.)

All students of the RSA belong to a “City Network.” Select the name of the major city nearest to you from the list above. If it is not listed in the options, use the name of the next largest city near you.

Please zoom in and click or tap on the map below to mark where you would like to meet others for sparring and dueling! (Only your last marker will be saved.) For your safety, (and the safety of others) only select a PUBLIC and outdoor location near your home such as a public park, plaza, recreation area, or open meeting area.

This map works best on the Google Chrome Browser. If you are having technical difficulties with the map, please send a message to the RSA.

Use the zoom buttons below or scrolling wheel to find the exact location.

(From the Map above...)

Are you a lone-wolf duelist, studying on your own, or do you belong to a local dojo, club, or other organization? Feel free to select your "Home Group" from the list of created group listings above to better connect with other members! If you don't see your group, you may create a listing for it and/or change your "Home Group" at any time.

How did you first learn about the RSA? (This will help us find more duelists like you.)

If you have not yet met anyone who is a student of the academy, please select the option "(none)." If a student of the academy invited you to register, they have done a great service to the Rogue Order and will receive important rewards and recognition! From the list above, please choose the official code-name of the student who encouraged you the most, leading you to create your new account.

You may officially choose a Dueling Clan on the next page. Which one do you think you’ll join?

I have read and agree to the RSA's Terms and Conditions.

I agree to follow the RSA's Safety Standards.

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